What We Do

Welding Systems

Resistance: H-Frame, C-Frame, Robotic, Indexing Dial, Pedestal.
MIG: Manual Weld Trunnions, Robotic Cells, Weld Fixtures. Laser: Robotic Cells, Weld Fixtures.

Assembly Systems

Manual Assembly Stations, Indexing Dial, Palletized Conveyor, Fastener Installation

Parts Feeding

Nut & Stud Loaders, Vibratory Bowls, Ladder Feeders, Elevator Feeders, Conveyors, Robotic Handling Systems


Roll Form Tapping Systems, Thread Verification Systems, Bushing & Bearing Presses, Function Testers

Since 1971

Tarpon Automation & Design Company has been specializing in the design and manufacture of fully automatic assembly machines and stations, automatic feeding equipment, automated welding systems, power train assembly systems, piercing tools, automatic loading and unloading units, screw and stud driving units, along with automatic integrated work cells. Tarpon Automation & Design Company is an ISO 9001 certified organization operating out of a 55,000 square foot facility located in Clinton Township, Michigan (USA) with on site Mechanical and Controls engineering departments. Our experienced and innovative team of engineers and machine builders are ready to help make your next automation project a success.

Our Customers



Tarpon Automation & Design Company is fully equipped to handle your automation project, large or small. We have a full complement of tools and equipment for any job, including:


• Autodesk Inventor Workstations
• Solidworks Workstations
• Delmia Robotics/Process Simulation
• Process Design


• Design
• Programming
• Panel Build
• Offline Robot Programming

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