Eliminate Rework Due to Tapping Errors

ETV 100% Automatic Full Contact Thread Verification System

The full contact Eagle Thread Verifier (ETV) verifies each internal and outside pitch diameter thread to print tolerances, simulating the actual part engaging the thread. It operates in your rugged production environment of oil and chips – unlike Eddy current and vision systems.

ETV’s full contact, automated thread gaging identifies and alerts operators to:

  • thread depth
  • size, location and squareness
  • untapped hole or broken tap in hole
  • incorrect pitch diameter
  • weld spatter in thread
  • burrs in tapped holes

Weld spatter and plating build-up on threads create defective parts. The ETV can detect and remove weld spatter and plating build-up up to 18 in. pounds of torque. The ETV lets you stop production in seconds if threads do not meet the pre-established specifications.

Thread Verification Options

The ETV is a flexible solution, available with these key options:

  • Single or multiple spindle systems.
  • Torque monitor with real-time display of torque reading.
  • Configurable with existing production lines or as a stand-alone check station.
  • Operator signal of rejected/unsuitable part.

Automatic Threaded Hole Gage Specialist

The Eagle Thread Verifier has saved thousands of dollars in non-conforming parts being shipped to customers throughout the automotive and manufacturing industries. It is used as a quality control automation tool in many manufacturing plants in North America. The ETV system has conducted more than 50 million thread testing cycles in manufacturing facilities to:

  • reduce production costs
  • eliminate rework
  • ensure improperly tapped parts don’t reach final assembly
  • avoid errors due to manual gaging and thread inspection

Available in single and multi-spindle arrangements, the ETV saves production time and costs. It reliably and consistently completes test cycles in seconds, adding no time to existing production cycles. Because it is automated, the ETV avoids the errors of manual gauging and inspection.

How the Eagle Thread Verifier Works

The ETV thread checking system contains a commercial automatic single- or multi-spindle motor driven test plug which rotates within a tapped hole and monitors the torque. Multi-spindle motors can be arranged to check complete hole patterns simultaneously.

A visual torque monitor provides real-time digital display of the torque reading. The ETV controller compares the torque values to predetermined minimums and maximums, and indicates whether the threaded holes tested are to depth, to the proper size, in the correct location, and square to the part surface.

An RS-232 port is available to connect a monitor and printer to permit you to visually see the gage results or print a report certifying inspection of the tapped holes.

Even at high production rates, the ETV reliably and consistently completes thread inspection test cycles in seconds, without adding time to existing production cycles, and avoiding the errors of manual thread gaging and inspection.

Inspection Flexibility

The ETV is a flexible system, which can be designed to fit your manufacturing needs. Mount the ETV thread inspection system on a machine slide in a production environment to probe and verify the proper thread at the point of machining.

Or use the ETV as an independently controlled stand-alone station to check thread depth and size for shipment or assembly.

Simple Changeover

To thread check a different part, change the mounting bracket for the new hole locations, and replace the thread element in the quick-change chuck.

With .06 TIR radial float, the chuck eliminates the need for precise part positioning. The flexibility of this quick change feature minimizes thread inspection cost per hole.

What the Eagle Thread Verifier Does

The patented Eagle Thread Verifier (ETV) automatically helps prevent improperly tapped parts from reaching final assembly, offering a reliable method of thread inspection to eliminate expensive rework and save production costs.

The ETV automatically identifies and alerts operators of:

  • thread depth
  • size, location and squareness
  • untapped hole or broken tap in hole
  • incorrect pitch diameter
  • weld spatter in thread

With its thread checking functionality, the ETV can stop the line or signal the rejection of the unsuitable part. Corrections to the tapping process or tool replacement can be made immediately, eliminating further inaccurate production. The Eagle Thread Verifier is used as an error proofing system in many manufacturing facilities in North America.

Why Use the Eagle Thread Verifier

Save Time and Inspection Costs

The ETV thread checking system reliably and consistently completes test cycles in seconds, adding no time to existing production cycles, and avoids the errors of manual gaging and inspection.

Proven Technology

The ETV thread checking customers include these industry leaders

  • Lear Corporation – Roscommon, Michigan
  • US Machine – Warren, Michigan
  • Orbitform Group – Jackson, Michigan
  • Formex Metals Ind., – Kitchener, Ont
  • Steel Master LLC,– Oxford, Michigan
  • American Axle & Manufacturing – Michigan
  • Diversified Machine & Methods
  • Rochester Gear
  • Millennium – Indiana
  • Benteler – Ft Wayne, Indiana
  • All Tech – Michigan
  • Whirlaway – Ohio
  • Omega – OH
  • Pohlman – Missouri